Craft Fair and Upcoming Events

We did it!  This past weekend we participated in our very first craft fair!  We’ve been preparing for weeks and weeks and the procrastinator in me was up until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday putting the finishing touches on everything, but with the help of my great husband we finished everything that we wanted to and had a great display of items ready to sell.  Some of my favorites were…


Now onto Christmas craft preparation.  Only 44 days until Christmas and I have Christmas cards and oodles of gifts to make for our friends and family.  The only thing I don’t like about the holiday season is that it goes by so fast.  I wish I could make it last just a little bit longer!

I also wanted to share that my husband has been slowly working on a new site design in all his free time. :) The new design should be up and running soon.  We’ll let you know when it is live.

Also, we are in the process of setting up an Etsy shop.  This should coincide with the new site design.  More details to follow soon!

Lego Table

The last time I took our family car in for an oil change I had my almost 4 year old with me.  While we waited for our vehicle in the waiting room I realized how much he loves Legos!    They had a small Lego table there and it occupied him the whole time!  He loved stacking, rearranging, changing his mind and then re-stacking all over again.  He made buildings, houses, and anything else his imagination desired.  I went home, excited to tell my husband how much he loved the table and how I had the idea that we should make one of our own for our boys, whose birthdays were both coming up soon.  He thought it was a great idea and we instantly started planning.  We had an old table in our basement that I thought would be the perfect size.

Table used to make Lego table

It had some water damage on the top so I sanded it down so that the entire top was smooth.  I painted the majority of the table (except for the top that I knew would be covered) and matching chairs in black.  Lego base sheets are readily available online and at many toy stores and a few big box stores too.  We got some on Amazon and some at our local Toy’s R’ Us.  Once we had all of the sheets that we needed we laid out how we wanted them to go.  I first used Liquid Nails (this didn’t end up holding, so we switched to a super glue rated for plastics) to adhere each sheet to the table and with each new sheet that was added we used Legos to make sure everything lined up .

We used LEgo bricks to make sure the spacing was correct

I didn’t worry at that point about overhang on the edges of the tables as I was placing our sheets down.  The table was round and I planned to cut the excess off after everything was dried.  I of course was impatient though and attempted to cut the excess off before everything had fully dried which meant I would end up re-gluing some of the pieces.  It all worked out in the end though :) To get a nice, clean edge after everything had FULLY dried, I took an orbital sander and sanded the edges where there was still some excess.  I cut as close as I could with heavy duty scissors but it’s nearly impossible to get right to the edge of the table cutting by hand.  The sander did the trick!  Some touch up painting was needed after sanding so close to the edge of the table but it took a few minutes and it looked like new all over again.  We also screwed hooks into the underneath of two sides of the table to hold bucket full of Legos.

Table with LEgo base sheets adhered

The kids LOVE it…even the little one who’s much too little for tiny Legos…and I think my husband may even sneak downstairs to play Legos more often now :)  He told me that he would have loved a table like this when he was little.

Tin Can Organizer

Save your soup, chili and fruit cans to make a very functional organizer for craft supplies!  All you need for this project are cans of any size, spray paint, and some glue – I found that hot glue (or medium temp. glue) works best on tin cans because of the hold it gives and the relatively fast drying time. It worked best for me to glue my cans together in the “design” that I wanted first.

Can Organizer before paint

(Remember to peel off all of your labels) then get our your spray paint and have at it!  I like Krylon paint because of the coverage and its ability to stick to metal well.  I chose a fairly light color of paint which worked okay (and I really wanted a light ivory color) but some of the printing on the can and the leftover glue from the labels that I peeled off was still visible…  I ended up taping off a portion of my cans with painters tape and adding chalk board paint to the bottoms.  As no crafts end up perfect and no tin cans are perfectly smooth, I didn’t end up with the nice clean line in-between the two sections that I had wanted.  Cover it up with washi tape!  :)  It divides the two colors nicely and I love the black with white dots!  I wrote words on the chalk board part with a chalk board pen but you can embellish any way that you like.  I also added some ribbon and a burlap bow.  I placed my can creation on a lazy susan that we weren’t using and it works great!  All of my supplies are organized and I can spin the entire thing around to get whatever I need.  I love it!

Craft Organizer made from tin cans

Sign for our Daddy

I made this sign with my kids for my husband on Father’s Day.

Love Sign

I found the perfect size piece of wood in the bargain bin at my local home improvement store. It was 89 cents! One piece of wood, a little craft paint in whatever colors you like, and the hands and feet of your children are all you need. I did add a hanging bracket to the back so that we could hang it on the wall. I painted the wood a nice slate blue and then sketched the letters “L” and “e” out and then painted them white. The “o” is made from 2 sets of hands (the littler hands we did in blue so that you could still see them on the white ones) upside down with fingers and thumbs making the shape of a heart. I dry brushed a little pink paint inside the heart part to make that stand out too. The “v” was made with feet from our 1 year old. My kids were thoroughly confused as to how feet and hands were going to make a word :) They loved the final product and my husband was very surprised and loved the new art for our home, reminding him every single day of how much we love him!

Refinished Desk

This was my husband’s garage sale find for only $5!

Desk Before Refinishing

I was thrilled when this caught his eye and he brought it home. I used 2 bottles of spray paint – Krylon Fusion for Plastics.  It even works great on metal! It fills in dings and scratches like a charm and made this desk look brand new again.

Desk Bottom after painting

The very top part of the desk had a small hole in the wood portion so I painted it with black chalk board paint, added a cute little wooden bus, trimmed the edges with some washi tape and added lines in white paint so that my almost pre-schooler can practice his letters with chalk.  I love how it turned out!

Top of refinished desk

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Take your favorite mason jar and turn it into something super useful. I love old jars and I instantly eyed this pretty blue one for our new bathroom soap dispenser. There are ideas for these all over the web! This is what worked for me.


Supplies needed:


  • Mason jar of your choice with 2 part lid (screw band and sealer)
  • Soap pump (for this I recycled a pump from an empty bottle of  hand soap that I bought at B&B)
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Glue/caulk

Supplies for Soap Dispenser

The jar that I picked for this project had kind of a goofy lid. It was just a different shape from what you would normally see. I really loved it though so I was determined to make it work. I started by pounding a hole (with the screwdriver) through the sealer piece part of my lid.

Puncture lid with Screwdriver

Make the hole big enough so that your soap pump fits through it but still small enough that there’s not a lot of room for movement. The jar lids are metal and can be sharp. After you’re done punching your hole, take the needle nosed pliers and bend the sharp edges back.

Punctured Lid

They won’t lay perfectly flat…at least mine didn’t…but we’ll take care of that in a minute. Position your soap pump where you want it and add a bit of nice strong super glue or calk.

I used LocTite All Purpose GO2 Glue and it worked great. It sets up in 30 minutes and is completely cured in 24 hours. Well worth the wait! I was able to really goop it on and it dried nice and almost calk like – not hard and brittle. I put a few layers on to make sure that I covered any sharp edges of the metal lid on the inside, and to make sure that the pump was completely secure and not ever moving from the lid on the outside.

Glued Soap Pump

I also ended up cutting an old plastic lid (a Pringles can lid would work great for this!) to put in-between that metal sealer part and the screw band of the lid – just for added water proofing protection. I didn’t want water under my lid or in the soap. I just glued the layers of the lid together with the same glue I used for “sealing” my pump in. After everything dried, I filled my mason jar with soap.

Soap Dispenser

This particular jar fit 3 cups of liquid soap!! Perfect for my busy family and the perfect addition for our bathroom sink. I think I’ll make one for our kitchen sink too!